Top 10 Halloween Games for the Easily Spooked

First confession: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Second confession: I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror games. Even to this day, I can hardly man up to touch a great majority of the Silent Hill franchise. So to get into the Halloween spirit, I’ll be recommending ten great Halloween games to play, even if you’re prone to easy scares!




One of the most criminally overlooked FPS titles of all time is Blood, a horror shooter built on the Build Engine (Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D, William Shatner’s TekWar). If Duke Nukem 3D was a love letter to action films everywhere, then Blood was it’s horror equivalent. Instead of being jam-packed with references to They Live or Army of Darkness, Blood was oozing with horror shoutouts from an entire level set in Camp Crystal Lake to finding Jack Torrance’s frozen body in a hedge maze. While it may not be as good as classics like Doom (More on that one later), it’s easily better than any other Build engine title out there.


Splatterhouse II


Can’t stand scares, but can stomach a healthy amount of blood and guts? Splatterhouse II is your game to go to. Perhaps the peak of traditional 2D beat ‘em ups, Splatterhouse II focuses on the beefy Rick Taylor fighting through all sorts of abominations to save his girlfriend Jennifer from another dimension. The combat is tight, the amount of gory and unique visuals are astounding, and the length is perfect for a beat ‘em up. If you want some mindless, gory fun to play on Halloween, look no further.


Super Castlevania IV


While most people would say Symphony of the Night is the best Castlevania, I go for Super Castlevania IV when looking for the best vampire-slaying experience. Super Castlevania IV is basically a retelling of the first game, but is better in nearly every way. The graphics are tight, the sheer variety in levels is amazing, and the new whip controls change how you play Castlevania. A must have for fans of Gothic Horror.


Demon’s Crest


Another SNES Halloween classic is Demon’s Crest, a Capcom developed title centering around Firebrand, one of the Ghosts N’ Goblins red armers. This action platformer honestly has tighter controls than Super Castlevania IV, but is less consistent in quality. However, if you’ve already beat Super Castlevania IV and are looking for another Halloween action platformer, Demon’s Crest is your best bet.


Luigi’s Mansion


When it comes to non-threatening spooky games, Luigi’s Mansion is practically the king. This Gamecube launch title focuses on Mario’s younger brother winning a haunted mansion from a contest he didn’t enter, and the story unfolds from there. With plenty of ghosts to bust and surprisingly deep gameplay that’s a not-so-subtle parody of Resident Evil, Luigi’s Mansion is one of the best titles on the purple cube.


Costume Quest


Honestly, I believe Costume Quest is the weakest game on this list, in terms of quality. The gameplay is boring, the final boss is an insane difficulty spike, and nearly every quest is just hunting the overworld for hidden NPCs. However, I have to give this game props for being set entirely on Halloween, and each level having a very nice atmosphere to it.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game


What’s expected less than a Ghostbusters licensed game 25 years later? A Ghostbusters game that’s actually really good. While this FPS starts with you toasting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, it quickly turns into its own Ghostbusters storyline with plenty of unique ghosts to bust. And plus, all of the original voice actors are back in this title! What’s not to love?




While it’s rare you’ll be willing to spend all of Halloween night at an arcade, and even rarer that you would own a CarnEvil cabinet, it’s my duty to recommend this game. CarnEvil is my favorite lightgun game of all time, despite it only taking around thirty minutes to complete opposed to longer titles like Time Crisis. However, this game does have a very well done dark sense of humor, and a wicked amount of creepy enemies. Easily the best lightgun game to play on Halloween.




While the definitive testostrone-pumping FPS may not sound like a great Halloween choice at first, you gotta remember that most of Doom takes place in Hell. The King of scary locations. You even spend the entire game mowing down zombies, imps, demons, and demon/robot hybrids! How is that not a go to Halloween title?


Five Nights at Freddy’s

It's like Hell's version of a Chuck E Cheese, though the food at Freddy Fasbear's might actually be fit for human consumption.

There is absolutely nothing scary about this game. Everyone has been lying to you in marketing. Look at how adorable it looks! C’mon, leave those doors open, see what happens! I swear there are absolutely no screamers and the game did not once keep me up at night. Promise.