What To Expect From The PS4 Masamune System Update

The PS4 is finally getting it’s long-awaited 2.0 system software update, entitled Masamune, tomorrow. It is bringing with it a ton of features: some we expected, some we didn’t even know we wanted and some that probably should have been here sooner. Let’s dig into the massive update and find out what to expect from it.

First off, Sony has put together a nifty little walkthrough which you can see below. This video, which can be seen below, gives a great, if basic, look at the new features, and should answer any baseline questions you may have.



With that out of the way, allow me to explain some of the bigger features coming:

YouTube: This falls squarely in the “should have already had” category, but in this case, late is better than never. Firstly, there will finally be a dedicated YouTube app to download, for free, that will allow you to view videos from YouTube, as well as share them to your various social media sites. More importantly, you will finally be able to use the “Share” function to upload game videos directly to YouTube. I expect a ton of users to immediately take advantage of this, and while I hope that there are no problems, there will probably be some kinks in the early days of this. Still, it is an exciting feature.

Themes: Hey, you finally don’t have to stare at a blue screen all day long! Custom themes and colors are coming for your home screen background, as that was an area that badly needed personalization. Sony is giving away two free themes tomorrow, a Destiny theme and a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare theme. No word on how many others will be available day one, or what kind of price point we can expect.

Dashboard: In addition to the themes, the way your content is sorted is being overhauled. The old way is a mess: just a stream of consciousness array that listed every game you have on the front-end. These can now be sorted via a variety of filters, and only the ten latest games you have played show up on the home screen by default. As someone who has played a lot of games, including rentals, I’ll be glad to have the option to unclutter my dashboard.

Music: USB music support is available! Simply plug in a USB device with your favorite tunes on it, and you can play them in the background.

Share Play: This is the biggest feature for a lot of people, and I can’t wait to see it in action. This lets you “share” your controller with another person via an internet connection, even if they don’t own the game! This will allow you to play a local coop game with another friend over the internet, provided the host has a PlayStation Plus account. This has all kinds of exciting potential, but I wonder if latency issues could possibly derail this. However, I’m optimistic, and I can’t wait to see it in action.