The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 22

The Best Podcast on the Citadel returns with an extra spooky episode this week! Why is it extra spooky you asked? To that, I respond, “Why are you talking to your monitor?” More importantly, Halloween is just around the corner, and The Evil Within is spinning in a lot of consoles at this very moment. Hosts Blake and Chris talk shop about Mikami’s new survival horror title, wax nostalgic on a few old-school titles and one of them reveals his super-unique Halloween costume that totally isn’t Mario…..OK, it’s Mario.

Depite trying their level best to ignore, it, the guys finally break down GamerGate, including such special topics as: why gamers have nothing to do with it, why people involved with the movement don’t actually understand how ethics work and the fact that Adam Baldwin is not a legitimizing force…and may actually be insane! Nintendo has a new job opening that could indicate new hardware for them. Is it a New New 3DS? A New Wii U? Are they just remaking the Super Nintendo in all it’s glory? Chances are none of those things are correct, but hey, a man can dream. Video game movies also worm their way into the discussion somehow.

To top it all off, the guys reveal their top 5 scariest moments in video games. Along with some horror classics, Chris goes totally meta with one of his picks. But the scariest news may be that he just found out he is having a daughter. I already feel sorry for some poor kid. You will find it all here and more, on the Best Podcast on the Citadel.