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A Twin Peaks Novel is Coming

Just when we thought our luck had run out for the year,  last week we found out that Twin Peaks would officially return for nine episodes in 2016 on Showtime. That alone was enough for many to be grateful for; however, our luck seems to be moving forward like a train without any brakes, as Twin Peaks will now spawn a novel called: The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks.

Mark Frost, the co-creator of the series, will write the novel (he has already written nine novels so far in his career) and David Lynch, the other Twin Peaks creator, will monitor the material going into the story.

Frost had this to say earlier in the week when he was asked about the novel,

“(Flatiron president) Bob Miller and I have enjoyed a fantastic fifteen year relationship in publishing. This has long been a dream project of mine that will bring a whole other aspect of the world of ‘Twin Peaks’ to life, for old fans and new. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

You probably guessed it straightaway: the novel will show us what has happened to our beloved characters from the TV series’ finale almost 25 years ago, as it goes through what has happened in their lives up until the start point of the third season. Yes, that means the likes of Dale Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Bobby Briggs, Donna Hayward, Audrey Horne, James Hurley, and Shelly Johnson will all be appearing in the novel, alongside many other characters from the show. This, thankfully, means that the third season will make sense to fans who watched the original two seasons in the early nineties, as season 3 won’t spend much time dwelling in the past.

There were plenty of characters in the Twin Peaks universe, and every single one of them was memorable.

The novel, whilst being a way to cure our withdrawal symptoms of having to wait two long and painful years for our favourite quirky, surrealist show to come back, is more than just a way to keep fans happy while they wait passionately.

You see, because the third season of the series is going to be set in the present day, it means that Twin Peaks won’t start from that cliff-hanger scene in its final ever episode, where Dale Cooper was smashing his head against a mirror after his soul was taken over by the evil and ghostly figure, Bob. We obviously need filling in as to what happened after that event as well as other loose ends left over from the season 2 finale. So a novel tying up those loose ends just shows that Frost and Lynch are taking this comeback very seriously, as they want to help old as well as new fans.

Frost and Lynch clearly know that there will most probably be a lot of new viewers tuning in to the third season, who might not have seen the original episodes (if you haven’t, I highly recommend them) so they can’t spend too much of season 3 answering questions about the past seasons because it would not make sense to new watchers, so a novel is probably the perfect answer. It gets old fans up to date, so everyone can go in fresh, no matter if they have seen Twin Peaks before or not.

We heard last week, when they renewed the show, that Frost had said that season 3 would contain a “very strong central storyline” so maybe the novel might have hints at this “strong” storyline somewhere in there, or perhaps people who have not watched the original two seasons might want to read the novel before the third season, just so they can familiarise themselves with the both wonderful and strange world of Twin Peaks.

Releasing a novel will also be a good way to measure how popular the series still is, and to keep fans happy while that long wait continues.

The novel is due to release sometime in mid to late 2015, as Frost still has to finish it off but in the meantime, if you want to get that Twin Peaks feeling, here is the teaser trailer from the TV series’ announcement last week.

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Be sure to let me know below whether you will be picking up a copy of Twin Peaks: The Novel when it hits shelves next year.