New Nintendo Hardware Might Be On The Horizon

We might be getting our hands on new Nintendo hardware in the near future, as a new job listing for the company supports the speculation.

The position in question is for a Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, WA. The job requires the candidate to act as a graphics architectural evangelist for Nintendo teams and, more interestingly,  keep track of industry improvements for use in “future Nintendo gaming platforms.”

This particular position will be associated with the system-on-chip architecture group, as it will require the candidate to head that team. This is important to know because the same type of architecture  is used in the 3DS.  Additionally, low power design experience from the candidate is considered to be a major plus which, in addition to the system-on-chip architecture, points to a new handheld rather than a system.

Since Nintendo’s current home console, Wii U, isn’t performing well commercially the company might just be considering permanently venturing into the handheld business while abandoning the home console one. But of course, all of this is still wild speculation.