The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead: Strangers wrapped up with a dark cliffhanger that shined some light on the former inhabitants of Terminus. If you haven’t seen the season 5 episode 2 yet, I suggest you go watch it and come back to this article afterwards. SPOILERS AHEAD, you have been warned!

Now that Rick and friends have managed to escape the cannibals at Terminus, they are back on the road. Walking aimlessly through the woods has sadly become somewhat of a standard time filler for the show, but I was pleasantly surprised when the group hears the desperate screams of a man about become a mid afternoon snack for a pack of walkers. Holding true to the comics, Father Gabriel (played by Seth Gilliam) has made his debut on the show last night. I felt that Seth did a fantastic job as Gabriel; his portrayal of the original comic book character was almost perfect, and I look forward to his future interactions with the rest of the cast.


In the last few minutes of the episode, Bob is knocked out by who is later revealed to be the leftovers of the Terminus crew. Gareth explains to a tied up Bob that none of what they are doing is personal; they are just trying to survive and he refers to his group as “the Hunters”. Bob notices his left leg is missing as Gareth takes a big bite of mystery meat. It seems like another title for this episode could have been “Bob’s Burgers”.


Show Vs Comics- In the comics, the Hunters are provided very little back story. It was actually nice to see where they might have originated from, rather than Rick’s group and the Hunters simply crossing paths on the road. The final scene in this episode also happened in the comics, except Dale was the one whose leg had been eaten, not Bob’s. Dale managed to get a laugh in however as he surprised the Hunters by telling them that he had been bitten, and they were eating infected meat. Does this mean Bob might have already been bitten?