Rob Riggle To Play Frank West in Dead Rising Film

Ex Daily Show reporter Rob Riggle is in line to play journalist Frank West in the film adaptation of Dead Rising. Just in case you have been running from a horde of flesh-eaters for the last ten years, Dead Rising is a property centered around zombies, a genesis of the disease involving bees and a shopping mall. A film could go in any number of directions, as Dead Rising has shuffled between gore, humor, action, drama and even romance as needed. It should also be noted this is a direct-to-video release coming to the free application Crackle, so expectations should probably be tempered.

Even so, I’m a fan of Riggle, and his casting leads me to believe we will probably get to see a lot of the humorous side of West. The film is entitled Dead Rising: Watchtower, and follows West as he battles a gang leader named Logan (Aleks Paunovic, THIS MEANS WAR) and his second-in-command Pyro (Harley Morenstein, Epic Meal Time). A female journalist by the name of Jordan (Keegan Connor Tracey, Once Upon a Time) is also involved somehow, but it isn’t clear if the real star of the show, the Servbot head mask, will be available. Here’s hoping. The rest of the announced cast includes Jessie Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die), Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time) and, surprisingly, Dennis Haysbert (24).  


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