Early Build Videos of Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Another video has been uploaded to YouTube showing off pre-alpha gameplay of the incredibly long awaited Star Wars: Battlefront 3. So far the two videos combined demonstrate just over 30 minutes of an early build of the game. Even though some textures are missing or misplaced, you can get a glimpse of what the game and its maps might have been like if it had not been canceled in 2012.

“This build is from 2007 and was ported over from the PC. … The game looked very fun to play.”

David Doak, cofounder of Free Radical Design blamed the cancelation of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 on the “psychopaths” at LucasArts. When the game was initially designed with a much more massive scope than that of its predecessors the price tag inevitably skyrocketed, and LucasArts abruptly shut down development very near completion. Free Radical suffered a major hit from the cancelation and was absorbed by Crytek.

Rumors have popped up over the last couple of years about a possible return of Star Wars: Battlefront 3, but were almost immediately dismissed. It appears that this time, the rumors are true; and DICE, developer of the Battlefield series will be spearheading the project.  Electronic Arts acquired the rights to make Star Wars games shortly after Disney’s purchase of the franchise in 2012; and they have announced that we can expect Star Wars: Battlefront 3 to be available summer 2015.

Source: Polygon