Shadowgate Gets Spooky With Halloween Update

Zojoi Games, a team of developers behind the original Shadowgate, recently launched a successful Kickstarter to update the classic title and bring it to a modern audience. In almost every respect, they succeeded wonderfully, and you can read Eric’s glowing review to confirm that for yourself (or even better, go play it.) As befitting an already creepy game, Zojoi has announced a special Halloween-themed update that should give you even more reason to return to the game.

First and foremost, is the new Dread Pumpkin quest, a new questline that promises to embrace the spirit of Halloween while providing the adventure and puzzles the game is known for. Design director Karl Roelofs dishes on why they decided to go this route.




“We’re really appreciative of all the support from long-time fans as well as new players to Shadowgate,” said  Roelofs. “We’ve been receiving tons of great feedback and, with Halloween approaching, it was only natural to treat both new and existing players with an update that brings new game modes and improvements to current features. We think these additions will not only add replay value to the game, but make it a bit more fun for first time players unfamiliar with the Shadowgate franchise. Plus we’ve always wanted to do a side-quest paying homage to the Great Pumpkin but with our own take on the classic.”

In addition to the Dread Pumpkin quest, the update brings a litany of bug fixes and hotfixes, including improved saving and loading features, retro graphic capabilities and new options that improve object visibility, a common complaint about the original release. Two new difficulties and some extra achievements have also been added, giving even veteran players a reason to return to Shadowgate.

Shadowgate can be picked up right now on Steam for PC and Mac for $19.99, and the Dread Pumpkin update will be available later this month.