Sword Art Online II Episode 14 Review: Emotional Closure

In the latest episode of Sword Art Online II, Kirito shows up to put an end to Shinkawa’s madness. Kirito nearly gives all his fans a heart attack only to pull a major ‘psyche, got you’ moment at the end. Sinon finds the strength to overcome her trauma and ultimately finds closure with the help of Kirito’s gang of pals. This episode appears to bring the Phantom Bullet story arc to a close, so now it remains to be seen what will come next.

If you found the end of the previous episode to be rather uncomfortable, then you will likely find the opening of this episode uncomfortable as well since it decides that the viewer needs a preview of Shinkawa proving how much of a lunatic he is. Fortunately this unpleasant scene comes to an end fairly quick once Kirito busts in and hits Shinkawa hard enough to knock him away from Sinon. Unfortunately for Kirito, this works against him and he finds himself being attacked. This eventually leads to Kirito getting supposedly injected with the syringe that Shinkawa had intended to kill Sinon with.


Fortunately for Kirito fans everywhere, this is not the end, as he manages to yet again prove he has the luck of the devil. Apparently he left one of those little sticker things from his EKG on his body and it stopped the syringe from injecting. I can’t emphasize how insanely lucky Kirito is in this scene. If Shinkawa had stabbed him only one inch to the left or right he would be having a reunion with some old friends from SAO that didn’t survive the incident, I’m looking at you, Sachi. As for Shinkawa, Sinon finally manages to bring him down by applying blunt force trauma to the back of his head with a boom box. Frankly I’m surprised he wasn’t killed by that.

The next segment of the episode, similar to how the last episode of the first season ended, consists of Kirito delivering a long monologue explaining how the Shinkawa brothers were caught and that their other partner is still at large. I wonder if the partner will ever show up or if he is going to fall into obscurity. Sinon insists on visiting the younger Shinkawa and talking to him once he is stable, regardless of the fact that he tried to kill her. Not quite sure I understand the logic behind her decision, but at least she will be safe if the visit happens to be in a hospital or prison.


For Sinon, everything that has happened in this story arc seems to help her finally overcome her past trauma involving a gun. She is now able to stand up and thoroughly verbally own the would-be bullies that have been harassing her for a while. In addition, Sinon is able to get closure and put the whole incident behind her once and for all. After she meets the other ladies in Kirito’s life, Sinon is greeted by someone else who was at the post office during the incident: the lady who was nearly shot by the robber, the woman that Sinon saved. In a very moving and emotional scene, Sinon discovers the other side of her actions. She saved the life of the woman and the life of her unborn child. So, a warm and happy ending for Sinon, something that she deserves after all the crap she has had to go through.

So what is next for Sword Art Online II? Well unfortunately next is a recap episode in case you missed an one, which is impossible to do since there are countless official websites where you can stream this show. Yet unfortunately, the next episode will be 14.5 and is called debriefing. So unless there is actual story aside from the review, I will not be reviewing that episode and will instead find something else to do a temporary review for. After that,  Sword Art Online II will continue onward with the next story arc, known as Mother’s Rosario. I don’t know what will happen next, but I’m looking forward to finding out.