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Potential Sims 4 Expansion Packs Leaked

Over the weekend a few Sims 4 fans received a survey from EA, which asked them to rate their interest in many different features that could be added to the game. In doing so, it seems that the company has revealed its early expansion pack intentions. In the survey, gamers were asked to comment on their interests in eight different expansion packs titled Business Owner, Health and Wellness, Supernatural, Active Careers, City Living, Town Life, and Fame and Fortune.

Many of these expansion packs touch on features that have been included in expansions for previous iterations of the Sims. For example, the Fame and Fortune expansion idea highly resembles the Late Night expansion pack released for The Sims 3 which allowed your sims to become celebrities while the Business Owner pack looks to bring back the entrepreneurial game play of The Sims 2’s Open For Business.

A full gallery of screenshots from this survey can be seen here, which is originally taken from a post made on SimsVIP. All of these expansion packs are purely theoretical at this point of course, but with the history of the Sims franchise, I think its a pretty safe bet we can see atleast some of the ideas from these expansion concepts added to The Sims 4.

For information on confirmed content that’s heading to The Sims 4, check out EA’s statement on bringing monthly content to the game.