Sword Art Online II Episode 13 Review: Poor Sinon

Well I certainly predicted that in the thirteenth episode of Sword Art Online II, Kirito would have some trouble with Death Gun, but it would seem that I wasn’t able to predict just how disturbing this episode would get. But before that, I’ll provide a quick summary. Kirito receives aid from Sinon and Death Gun undergoes a near perfect reenactment of Darth Maul’s death in Star Wars. Unfortunately, victory is short lived when Sinon inadvertently discovers who Death Gun’s partner is.

To begin with, the fight scene between Death Gun and Kirito was impressive. While Death Gun had the upper hand for most of the fight, Kirito was able to hold his ground. Although I wonder how much longer Kirito would have lasted if Sinon hadn’t jumped into the fray by psyching Death Gun out by aiming at him. Either way, Kirito didn’t waste any time when that window of opportunity opened. As a result, Death Gun got sliced in half by Kirito’s lightsaber. Death Gun implies that it isn’t over until his partners are out of commission.


This episode contains one of the best scenes in the entire season so far, involving Sinon coming up with a creative solution for both her and Kirito to be the winners of the Bullet of Bullets. How does she do this? With a present grenade, also known as tossing a live grenade to Kirito and then hugging him tightly as they both get blown up. I’ll certainly give Sinon points for originality and comic relief for that kind of kill. Before that happens, Sinon gives Kirito her name and address so that he can send the police to help her out in the event that Death Gun’s partner happens to be nearby.

Unfortunately this is where the episode takes a turn for the worse, when the writers decide it is time to one up one of the more disturbing scenes from the end of the previous season. Sinon receives a visit from her overly affectionate guy friend, Shinkawa, who congratulates Sinon’s victory in the tournament. He even brings some kind of dessert to celebrate with, or at least I think it is a dessert, I’m not entirely sure what was in that white box. Again, Shinkawa comes off a little too strong with his feelings for Sinon. Typically you don’t go confessing your love if you haven’t even gone on a date with the person yet, but Shinkawa’s lack of people skills soon becomes the least of Sinon’s worries.


Shinkawa threatens Sinon with a syringe, and then all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Shinkawa is one of Death Gun’s partners, and is actually his brother as well. As I look back on it, I feel that the opening made it rather obvious that Shinkawa had some sort of connection with Death Gun. I do wish that the hint hadn’t been placed there, that way it would have been a little more surprising when it was revealed that Shinkawa was in on the whole killing other players plot. Shinkawa also reveals that he is unquestionably insane. Half of his dialogue could be replaced with Woody the Woodpecker laughs and it would somehow fit while he is foaming at the mouth and nearly going cross eyed while screaming Sinon’s real name over and over again.

Fortunately, Kirito shows up to save the day and put a stop to a very disturbing borderline attempted rape scene. So now it is Kirito versus Shinkawa, although I’m sure that Kirito has some back up that is coming in to help take Shinkawa down. That remains to be seen in the next episode.

Speaking of which, the next episode will be called One Little Step. I imagine that in this episode, Kirito will hold of Shinkawa long enough for someone to come arrest him. But it seems like this story arc is coming to an end very soon, leaving nine episodes to go in the season. The story will probably take at least one or two more episodes before it ends. So what will they do with all that remaining time? I feel like they will have some sort of plot involving Sinon meeting the rest of the Kirito team. Perhaps she will join them in ALO or maybe they will play GGO with her?