Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV launches in just about a week, and more details are starting to roll in on what exactly we can expect from the interesting service. There are a number of interesting features that PlayStation TV brings to the table, so let’s explore what exactly you will be getting if you make this purchase.

Cost: You can pick up PlayStation TV for $99.99 for the standard edition, and $139.99 for the bundle that includes a memory card, DualShock 3 controller and the LEGO Movie Game. WalMart also has their own bundle that has all that, plus Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for the same price.

What Games Can I Play: I suspect most people will be excited about having access to the Vita library, but you will also be able to play PSP titles, PlayStation One classics and the extensive library of PlayStation Now, which includes a  umber of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. You can even play some select Remote Play PS4 titles.

Why Should I Buy This: For just $100 (although I strongly suggest buying the reasonably priced bundle), you will have access to a huge library of games. If you are only interested in the latest and greatest, this may not be for you. If, however, you are a fan of the classics, you could conceivably spend a lot of time combing through the huge PlayStation backlog. As I said, the Vita titles are probably the most interesting aspect, but with over 600 titles at launch, there will probably be something for everybody.

What Do I Need To Know About Accessories: Plenty! First, memory. PlayStation TV comes with 1GB of internal memory, but you will probably want the 8GB memory card (the main reason I suggest the bundle). Although if you plan on doing mostly streaming or remote play, 1GB will probably be more than enough to hold your saves. As to hookups, an HDMI cable is the way to go. It has a single USB port, as well as integrated WiFi and an ethernet port. You can use either the DualShock 3 or 4, but PlayStation Move will not be supported. Note that HDMI is your only output option, meaning you are out of luck if you have a standard definition TV or were hoping for analog audio output.

How Do I Get Games For It: PlayStation Now is a streaming service, so that will all be handled though the app. There is a digital store available to purchase most of the games available, and you can also load supported games onto your memory card and play from there, which is how you will most likely access your Vita titles. PlayStation TV and Vita share a memory card, so the cross-functionality between the two will be touted as a big deal.

Does This Impact My Games In Any Way: Not really, most games (even streaming ones) will function just like their console brethren. This includes online and couch multiplayer (assuming the game supports it), and save data management. If you are already a member of PlayStation Plus, you have access to cloud saves as well.

What Else Can My PlayStation TV Do: It can play MP3s, work as a video player for certain movies and TV shows, party chat (which does support cross-game functionality) and PS4 remote play. You can even access the same account on two different PlayStation TVs at the same time, and play with each other if you want. Unfortunately, at this time you cannot access the Share function of the PS4 (it works as the select button instead), and there is no word on whether or not that function will be provided in a later update. We have reached out to Sony to see if that feature is in the works, and will update the story if we receive confirmation.

To see a full FAQ straight from Sony, you can click here, or check out what we think PlayStation TV means for Son’y future.