Endless Legend banner

Chamber of Game: Endless Legend

Platform: Windows PC

Developer: Amplitude Studios

Publisher: Amplitude Studios

Release Date: 9/18/2014


This is truly the year of the 4x strategy game. In a genre that’s lucky to see one major release a year, we’ve already had Age of Wonders III (and an expansion), Warlock 2: The Exiled, Endless Legend and the upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth. With this much bountiful harvest it would be easy to pass over a gem like Endless Legend, especially as we enter the busy Fall season. That would be a grievous error as the team that brought us the well-received (and well-supported) 4x space strategy Endless Space have set their sights on the planet Auriga and the numerous fantastical factions that battle for supremacy.

Endless Legend takes the time-tested Civilization formula and injects regional boundaries, minor factions, heroes with skill trees and inventories as well as randomized and faction-based quests. Playable factions range from the living suits of armor to self-flagellating mages to dragon-people, and many completely change the way you play the game. Make no mistake – this is a 4x game for people that want to dive even deeper into the genre.

In this episode of Chamber of Game, Chris and Eric show the first twenty or so turns of gameplay while discussing region conquering, misunderstood insectoids and space vampires. Amplitude Studios have crafted a shared universe across multiple ‘Endless’ games, including the upcoming Dungeon of the Endless set in the depths below Auriga.

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