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EB Expo 2014: Dying Light Q&A

Though I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t without its flaws, I quite liked Techland’s Dead Island. It was a fun blend of first-person action adventure and loot grinding RPG that, in the first half of the game, had some genuinely fresh survival horror overtones to it. From what I played of it at this year’s EB Expo, their follow-up to the game, Dying Light is turning out to be the next evolution when it comes to the studio’s zombie-slaying formula.

I also got to briefly chat with the Techland’s Community Manager, Michal Napora, about the game and how its going to follow up on the successes of Dead Island.

Fergus Halliday: Techland also developed the first Dead Island and from what I played of it, they look to be developing the survival horror elements of that game further with Dying Light? Have the game’s RPG or character customization elements been stripped out completely or have they just been moved to the background?

Michal Napora: That stuff is still there. When it comes to character, it’s all focused on two elements. The characters strength and their agility. The more you do of a certain thing, the better you get at it. The more you climb, the better you get at it. The more you use parkour, the quicker you move and skills you’ll unlock. You’ll be able to do bigger jumps and land on a roll. We’re trying to keep it realistic with the parkour elements but you’re going to have a good time with it.

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Is there multiplayer? How many players and how does it work?

Yep! Four player co-op. All your friends can join in and keep going with the mission together. As you go along there are little I guess you’d call them minigames – but we refer to them as challenges. So these challenges pop up and test players with who can kill the most zombies in a minute and get the fastest from point A to point B.

Apart from four player mode, we have the Be The Zombie mode. As the zombie you can invade other people’s games and once that happens its pretty much a fight to the death.

In Dead Island there were four different classes, is there anything like that in Dying Light?

In Dying Light, you pretty much have one class and just the one character. Instead of focusing on four, we just decided to keep the story molded to one character. We feel that by doing that you’ll get a bit more attached to it.

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Will the whole game take place in the one city? Are there different zones or acts?

Pretty much there will be two separate zones – all within one city. In terms of size, imagine one zone in Dying Light is as big as the whole of Dead Island.

Is crafting and weapon-modding still in the game? How many different weapons are we looking at?

Yeah. Over a hundred. At the moment I don’t have a specific number but there’s going to be plenty of ways to get that inner brutality out.


Thank you to Michal Napora. You can read more about Dying Light at its official website.

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