Food-Loving Gamers Create Waves in the Gourmet World

Think of the last time you had a weekend gaming binge. Chances are that you had some kind of snacks to sustain you on a romp through the vistas of the virtual worlds.

But you know, some of the games we enjoy have some pretty damn good foodstuff as part of our character’s bag of tricks. Whether it be Goopy Carbonara that our Sims whip up to gain cooking skills or the Sweet Roll that the guards of Skyrim are seemingly obsessed with concerned about.

Games are a goldmine for those of an epicurean nature. We are starting to leave the safe haven of our consoles and exploring the open expanse of our kitchens, with or without the chance of possibly lighting our kitchens on fire.

Taking this prime opportunity to please both the foodie and gaming masses, Daniella of the blog Gourmet Gaming has taken her passion for gaming, combined it with her art background, and started to create recipes based on various food items throughout different games. Receiving a jolt of inspiration from Deadly Premonition’s Sinner Sandwich, Gourmet Gaming became her project to keep herself occupied while job hunting and gaming.

Just like in gaming, the successes were met with critical mission failures with dishes such as Boiled Creme Treat from The Elder Scrolls and Scrab Scakes from Abe’s Oddysee .

Food items aren’t the only recipes that are being developed in the gaming world. The Drunken Moogle blog, led by Mitch Hutts of Critical Hit Cocktails/Geek & Sundry fame, specializes in recreating libations based off of and from our favorite games and helping us wannabe mixologists ready our drinks for our next LAN party. The Drunken Moogle also ventures into the realm of TV shows and movie-inspired drinks.

Next time you start to get hangry, don’t reach for stale Doritos or that endless supply of Mountain Dew. Dust off your stove and make your stomach happy with these five delicious and semi-nutritious meals and drinks.

Moogle Pie

moogle pie


Made by Moogles, this apple-filled take on Final Fantasy XI is a handheld version of our favorite Autumn Pie. With the use of pre-made pastry crust, a blend of apples, cinnamon, sugar, butter and a few other ingredients will yield you two handheld pies.  No Moogles will be harmed in the making of this pie.

T-Virus Shot


Just as visually stunning as it is potent, this T-Virus shot starts out with Everclear and Silver Rum, followed by a garnish of a blue Twizzler. Drink one T-Virus, have the antidote on hand. Drink two or more, pray that your head doesn’t explode.

Grandma’s Elixir Soup




Just as it filled Link’s health and magic, Grandma’s Elixir Soup is a comfort food you will want to have on hand wherever you go. Pureed veggies mixed with chicken broth and cream will make your health skyrocket when you are feeling low on HP.




Heh heh heh. Let’s hope you have the quads to drink this Krogan-inspired drink. Just like Ryncol in the Mass Effect series, this IRL version will knock you flat on your back. A mixture of absinthe and grain alcohol, this drink isn’t to be taken lightly. Please take all precautions when consuming this beverage and make sure your two chosen squadmates (aka friends) have your back when you’re upchucking in the loo.

Goopy Carbonara



I normally wouldn’t say anything that my Sims create looks appetizing, but Daniella’s version of Goopy Carbonara has captured this Italian’s heart. This dish may make your Sim light their kitchens on fire, but the marriage of salty pancetta, delicious spaghetti, and a cream-based sauce and an iron bladder will help you keep the smoke alarms silent.