The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 20

The Best Podcast on the Citadel is now twenty episodes old! It can almost drink legally, but ha, jokes on you, we’ve been drinking all along! And of course bringing you all the news from the world of video games, along with more jokes, lists and analysis than you could possibly want. PC writer Perry Ruhland joins Chris and Blake for the first half of the podcast to discuss their top 5 licensed video games. You can probably guess some of the games on the list (spoiler: someone picks Arkham City), but see if you agree with some of the other picks. As always, if you have some games of your own that you feel should make the list, leave us a comment with your thoughts, we would love to read them.

Some of the news this week includes Advanced Warfare’s third mode reveal: Exo Survival. It looks like an enhanced take on Modern Warfare 3’s Survival Mode, albeit it one with giant exoskeletons and future weapons. Square Enix discusses their new cloud gaming service Shinra. When we say discuss, they mean give us the name, but hey, at least it’s a start. We may not have a lot of details, but it could have a lot of potential. We also discuss PlayStation TV, and what consumers can expect when they get their hands on it. If you enjoy this week’s podcast, be sure to drop us  line in the comment section with your thoughts, or follow us on Twitter @blakeanglin and @Twitch13MP.

Square Enix Reveals Cloud Gaming Service Shinra

Exo Survival Shown, Will Be Advanced Warfare’s Third Mode

PlayStation TV Coming Next Month

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