Dota 2: 10 Things To Know About Patch 6.82

It’s official: Patch 6.82 is upon us, and it has made a few changes to the game we all know and love. SOme are drastic, some are minor, but this is going to change a lot of strategies and metagames, particularly in regard to the way you approach tower pushing. SOme of the changes, like the movement of Roshan’s Pit and the reworking of Shadow Fiend’s character model are clearly apparent, but you have to dig into the systems to really get a feel for some of the other changes made. This is by no means a definitive list of the changes (which you can see in the patch notes here), but here are ten thoughts you may want to consider from the recent patch.

Runes: In addition to the regular runes that spawned on one side of the river, and extra Bounty rune has been added that will now spawn on the opposite side at the same time. The Bounty rune grants extra gold and experience based on the following formula: XP = 50 + (5 x min) and gold = 50 + (2 x min) where min equals the current minute. So, if you gather the bounty rune at the 10 minute mark, you will receive 100 XP and 70 gold. Not huge gains, but this could be a big boon for mobile mids who can control both runes, and to an even greater extent, roaming supports. If a sidelaner tries and fails on a gank, he may now attempt to salvage some of that loss through the bounty rune, which should lead to more active roamers. This will also help out mids who have high mobility, such as Queen of Pain and Puck. In addition, the runes will now refresh every two minutes regardless of whether they have been picked up or not. And yes, the Bounty rune can also be bottled, which could lead to some enhanced bottle crowing.




Crimson Guard: A new shield item that is built out of a Vanguard, Buckler and a 825 gold recipe. It grants the following stats: Strength, Agility and Intelligence +2, +250 HP, +6 HP regen, +5 armor. I can see this item becoming very popular on heroes who already use Vanguard, and could use the extra stats plus have a reliable way to farm the extra gold needed. Heroes I see  utlizing this: Dark Seer, Axe, Anti-Mage, Bristleback, Kunkka, Alchemist, Timbersaw, Razor and Naga Siren. You are looking at a 3850 pricetag for this, so it won’t come easy, but this is a terrific midgame item that can give you excellent survivability. It also comes with an active ability that grants nearby allied heroes a 100% chance to block 50 damage from each incoming attack, along with 2 armor for 9 seconds. Imagine how teamfighters like Dazzle and Disruptor will be able to synergize with that. 

Bloodseeker: Bloodseeker has been completely reworked, and while his new ability slightly nerfs him in a 1-on-1 situation, he finally has some teamfight abilities to help in the current meta. Bloodrage now works quite differently: instead of buffing base damage, causing a long silence and damage over time, it now amplifies all damage dealt and received, as well as heals the afflicted for 25% health whenever they kill a foe. Without the silence, I suspect we will see more self-casts of Bloodbath, and makes Bloodseeker a far less dangerous roamer, although he is still capable of outputting huge damage. Bloodbath, a passive that allowed him to regain health every time he killed an enemy, has been removed in favor of Bloodrite, an AOE ability that causes a very cool looking blood effect on the ground. Any enemies caught in this effect after 3 seconds take pure damage and are silenced. This enhances Bloodseeker’s abilities in a teamfight, but will also make him less viable as a jungler, at least in the early game. Rupture has also had it’s duration massively buffed to a flat 12 seconds, which offsets the other nerfs a bit, particularly for a roaming Bloodseeker.




Phantom Lancer: Phantom Lancer has also been reworked, and while I haven’t got a chance to fully test out his new abilities yet, I get the impression that he may not be quite as OP as he was before the patch, especially as a pusher, although he can clearly still do that quite well. The biggest change is that Juxtapose is now his ultimate, and he can now have up to a 50% chance to create new illusions when attacking up to a ridiculous 10. His new Doppelganger ability shuffles the illusions around within an area, making it even harder to tell where he is and increasing his already substantial survivability. I’m intrigued by his new Phantom Rush ability, which allows him a huge speed boost when targeting enemies outside his attack range. Combined with increased reliance on runes, this could make him a force as a roamer, something you don’t often see in the current meta. I’m eager to see what more advanced Phantom lancer users than myself can come up with for him.

Riki: Riki has undergone a substantial change as well, and will drastically change the way people approach him. The stunner comes in the form of Permanent Invisibility, which is now a basic passive and has been massively nerfed. The fade time goes from 3/2/1 to 8/6/4/2, which may make him slightly more viable as a pre-level 6 roamer, but removes a lot of his early/mid game potential in that area. He does gain an HP regen boost while invisible now, but he is going to need it, as his base HP regen has been nerfed, along with his move speed and base damage. Even in a game full of noobies, he should not be as much as pub stomper as he was. Blink Strike is now his ultimate, and it has undergone a massive change as well. Instead of a traditional cooldown, it now works based on charges. You can have up to 3, and they replenish every 30 seconds. While the base damage ahs been changed from 30/60/90/120 to 50/70/90, you can see how this gives him more presence fighting multiple enemies. Considering his reworked fade time, this new Blink Strike will probably come in pretty handy, although I think we won’t be seeing Riki as much in pubs as we are used to.




Tower Changes: The Tower metagame will be changing drastically, particularly at high level play. Tower gold has been reduced by about an average of 100 gold per tower. This should reduce pushing strats considerably, while increasing reliance on the bounty runes for early gold. The tier 2 tower also gets a slight armor buff, but the biggest change comes in how the Glyph of Foftification works. It’s cooldown is now reset after a Tier 1 tower falls, giving you more incentive to use it to protect your first towers. When you look at those two factors combines, it makes sense that we will see less tower pushing until the midgame, which could lead to earlier teamfights as teams try to reduce the advantage of having Tier 1 towers up longer. I haven’t seen this in action yet, but I’ll be surprised if we don’t see some good split pushers like Beastmaster or Nature’s Prophet shoot up the ranks even further, as a well-timed split push may be the most viable way to get an early tower advantage.

Damage Type: The way damage is dealt is also undergoing a change, but it looks more drastic than it actually is, as everything has just basically been simplified. HP Removal and Composite damage have been removed, leaving only the three main types of damage: Physical, Magical and Pure, and each of these now has a Spell Immunity Piercing status. This has affected some abilities (ex. Heartstopper Aura now does negative regen instead of HP removal), but for the most part this won’t change your basic strategies. There is a lot more pure damage floating around out there, but I don’t see BKBs or Pipe of Insight’s getting used any less because of this.

Items: Here are some of the more interesting item changes I noticed.

  • Butterfly: Now has an active ability that grants you 20% bonus movespeed in exchange for your evasion for 8 seconds.
  • Bottle and Blink Dagger are now slightly more expensive, while the town portal scroll price has been reduced to a mere 100 gold.
  • The courier has a significantly faster base move speed, but the speed burst cooldown has been extended by more than double.
  • Sentry wards now give off more vision, an increase from 800 to 850.
  • Mekansm mana use increased from 150 to 225.

Map Changes: A lot of the paths have been slightly tweaked, as well as some minor changes to tower placement. The biggest change comes in the form of Roshan’s pit, which has been moved a lot closer to the left lane and should drastically change the warding strategy of both the pit and the lanes. Check out the video below to get a good look at the new map. One note: with the new warding positions on Roshan’s pit, I bet we see a lot less early Roshing, and this could be especially tough on Lycan’s and Ursa’s who thrived on soloing the monster.




Ability Changes: There are too many character changes to list individually, but here are some ones I found to be most interesting:

  • Bane: With Aghanim’s, Fiend’s Grip now causes anyone who attacks him while channeling to be put into Nightmare state. This will slightly help his biggest weakness: teamfights.
  • Axe: Counter Helix now procs 20% of the time, as opposed to 17%. A small change, but one that makes Axe even harder, especially once he gets some items.
  • Clinkz: Searing Arrows is no longer an UAM, opening up a wealth of offensive options for him. Eye of Skadi will be fun on him, I think.
  • Elder Titan: Earth Splitter now disarms enemies. Yeah.
  • Faceless Void: Chronosphere no longer disables passive abilities, and has a slightly reduced area of effect. Phantom Assassin now becomes a much bigger threat to him.
  • Juggernaut: Blade Fury can now activate through Chronosphere, Black Hole, Global Silence and Doom, and has a reduced cooldown. We will see more Juggernauts, I think.
  • Lina: With Aghanim’s, her ult now deals Pure damage instead of getting a damage boost. This is huge for Lina users, and will help her late game potential.
  • Ogre Mage just got a huge HP regen boost, giving him even more tank appeal, although Fireblast has had its damage considerably nerfed.
  • Outworld Devourer: Essence Aura now procs at a flat 40% rate. This is huge, and should lead to an increase in laning ODs, especially with nukers. Him + CM could be a nasty combo in lane now, more so with a trilane.
  • Sniper: Headshot no longer has a ministun, and instead adds a slow. Sniper will still be popular, but now he is much less of a pain, especially one-on-one.
  • Spirit Breaker: Charge of Darkness now goes on cooldown when you hit, not when it is cast. However, the cooldown is down to 12 from 35, making him even more effective as an offlaner.
  • Sven: Aghanim’s now gives his gamechanging ult an AOE effect. Prepare to see an increase in Sven’s, and learn to fear him in teamfights.
  • Treant Protector: Now has a new ability that basically transforms a tree into a ward. He will be a very tactical support, even more so than he already was.


There are obviously a ton more changes, but these are some of the ones that stuck out to me. I can’t wait to see how this changes the overall strategy, even as I wonder how they will affect the balance of the current metagame. What are your thoughts on patch 6.82? Leave a comment with your thoughts!