Team Behind NBA 2K15 is Listening to the Fans

NBA 2K14 might have had the most noticeably improved graphics and polished basketball simulation aspects over any other NBA 2K installment, but that didn’t help when it came to NBA 2K14’s trouble spots. Visual Concepts, the designing team of NBA 2K decided they would change the controls for the third year running, forcing veteran players to once again unlearn the control scheme from the previous year. Network server issues made online multiplayer incredibly difficult at times and the ratings began to drop.

Visual Concepts was allegedly humbled by these setbacks, and have basically stated they screwed up. Rob Jones, Senior Producer for NBA 2K15 told Polygon, “We realized last year that we had issues at launch, internally, we thought that we’d be OK, and obviously, it didn’t turn out the way we expected”. Jones also stated that the team’s top engineers have devoted all of NBA 2K15’s development time working on the previous network issues.


Another problem that players encountered with NBA 2K14 was the stale over emphasis on virtual currency in the MyCareer and MyGM modes. The implementation of virtual currency forced Visual Concepts to store game saves in the 2K server’s cloud rather than on the local console to prevent hacking in an attempt to duplicate virtual currency, and this probably contributed to the network problems. Jones even confessed that he is not a fan of virtual currency or microtransactions, and they were too prevalent in NBA 2K14.

“We are confident that it’s way better than it ever has been before. And then we ship, and that’s the true stress test.”

It’s always nice to see any developer actually listen to their fans and admit any foul ups (no pun intended). NBA 2K15 is set to release on October 7, 2014 for Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Polygon

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  1. xanderzane41

    Are they going to fix the overly high shooting % of the CPU team in MyCareer? Are they going to fix the defense your team plays in MyCareer. It’s seriously a joke. I’ve seen my C & PF stand in front of a loose ball and watch it bounce try in front of them with neither trying to grab it. Then the CPU play grabs it and lays it in the basket. WTF is up with that? MY team sucks because the defensive A.I. for the team is broken. Why does the CPU team always shoot 60-70% in the first quarter? It’s ridiculous. Fix your broken game Visual Concept.

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