Bayonetta 2 Selling Poorly In Japan

Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2 released in Japan four days ago, September 20. Since then the game is showing low sales, much lower compared to the first title’s first week performance.

Only about 38,828 copies of Bayonetta 2 were sold since release, according to 4gamer. The first Bayonetta sold 135,242 copies on PlayStation 3 and 64,325 copies on Xbox 360 in 2009, in the game’s first week of release. This is an 81 percent decrease in first-week sales between both games. However it is important to point out that the sequel hasn’t been out for a full week yet, and it is only a Wii U exclusive.

Bayonetta 2 is slated to release in North America on October 24, and only then will we have a better picture of how Bayonetta 2 will fare both critically and commercially.