Video Game History Museum Finds a Home in Texas City

The board of the Frisco Community Development Corporation has voted unanimously to approve the inauguration of the Video Game History Museum at the Texas Discovery Center. 10,400 square feet and nearly 1 million dollars have been committed to renovations for the space required for the museum.

Founded by John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe Santulli, the museum already has an expansive collection that fills up its current space of only 7,000 square feet. Having no permanent home since its founding, the Video Game History Museum as appeared in several video game expos and conventions since its beginning, having to store much of its collection across the nation. Even with the much needed extra space, the expansive showcase will not be able to be shown in its entirety and exhibits will still need to be rotated.


The goal of the founders of the Video Game History Museum is “to establish a physical location and digital reference library to interactively display the history and influences of video games to the public”. The museum is scheduled to start a campaign to raise funds by April, 2015. They will likely approach the primary players in the industry such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, along with large game publishers and developers. The museum will also include a 1980’s style arcade with as many cabinets as they can fit into the available space.

Source: Dallasnews