Sword Art Online II Episode 12 Review: Crossing Blades

My predictions for the twelfth episode of Sword Art Online II were both accurate yet inaccurate. Sinon was able to hit Death Gun, but she also ended up with her scope destroyed. Kirito and Death Gun have a lengthy conversation where Kirito’s choices come back to haunt him. Asuna arrives at the hospital and recognizes a trait that Death Gun shares with a certain member of Laughing Coffin. Things are heating up in Sword Art Online II, and it’s about time since the pacing has been rather slow over the past couple of weeks.

Sinon and Kirito finally get out of the cave, which is progress. The time they spent in there was like a fight in Dragon Ball Z, very little happens in a single episode. But Sinon appears to be taking the whole ‘there’s a guy in your house waiting to kill you’ thing fairly well and isn’t panicking anymore. During this time, Kirito and Sinon make a modification to their plan. Rather than focusing entirely on Death Gun, they decide to take out one of the last players in the tournament, which happens to be the guy that got second place during the previous Bullet of Bullets. Of course Sinon easily picks him off since he’s now in the realm of side characters of little importance.


Death Gun makes an appearance and has a brief sniper duel with Sinon. The visuals for this particular scene are very impressive. The shot of the two bullets passing by one another was incredible, and the way Death Gun’s sniper rifle disintegrated resulted in some nice lighting effects that went well with Death Gun’s color scheme. Given that the shot hit her scope, I’m surprised that Sinon won that battle unscathed. Either way, it’s up to Kirito to somehow defeat Death Gun. It doesn’t seem like Death Gun will go down easy, he isn’t exactly your average GGO player.

The question that this episode brings up is if there are any limits to what Yui’s capable of. Not only is the little AI child of Kirito and Asuna able to get information from a MMO she’s not part of, but she can also either be transferred into a smart phone or call a smart phone from within ALO. On top of all that, she’s also able to enter a secure hospital network and turn on the TV to tune into MMO Stream. She can even provide directions for Asuna in order to help her find Kirito’s hospital room, and I have no idea how she figured out all that. There doesn’t seem to be any limits for Yui beyond only being able to exist in a virtual world, and who knows how long that will be a limit for her. I can only imagine what kinds of things she could accomplish if things keep progressing the way they are.


Kirito and Death Gun talk for a little while after Kirito is stabbed by a blade that is allegedly made out of a star ship. Apparently Death Gun was that guy with the skull mask from an earlier episode of SAO, and if Kirito knew his name, then Internal Affairs could easily arrest Death Gun. Unfortunately Kirito shot himself in the foot during a flashback in which he said to Death Gun that he didn’t want to know his name. So yeah, a fight with Death Gun could’ve been moot had Kirito listened when he’d been about to tell Kirito his name. Somehow Death Gun is stronger and faster than Kirito when it comes to using swords, so things may not go so well for Kirito. Also, maybe it’s just me, but Death Gun sounded different in this episode than he did in previous ones.

The next episode is also called Phantom Bullet. I’m not sure why though, and at first I had thought it was a mistake in the subtitles. So my guess is that the next episode will be a part two or something given that it ends on a cliff hanger… again. My predictions for next episode is that Kirito is going to get the stuffing beaten out of him, but will then somehow find a way to turn the tide of the battle in his favor. Beyond that, I think anything could happen at this point.