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FFXV Director Says Gender Bias Is ‘Not Healthy’

Newly appointed game director for Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has admitted that “it’s not healthy to have a bias in genders,” despite the game mentioned having male lead characters. Tabata explained the decision behind this, stating it was mainly due to creative reasons made by former creative director Tetsuya Noumra, as the Final Fantasy series has also been known to have strong female leads.

Tabata told to IGN the following, “The party members being all men was something that [former director] Tetsuya Nomura had kept as a very important element of this journey. He wanted to depict a story in which a group of men, a group of friends, journey throughout the world. So that’s something that I kept in Final Fantasy XV.”

Though despite the four leads being male, there have been a few female characters shown in the game’s trailers. “There will be prominent women who make an appearance in the game,” Tabata stated. How important said female characters will be remains unknown, but we’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt for now due to the series’ strong roots with female characters. 

A new trailer for the game was released for TGS, and a new demo will be coming soon packaged in with Final Fantasy Type-O, a game that is due for release in early 2015. No official release date for FFXV has been mentioned.


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