5 Browser Games That Will Keep You And Your Friends Entertained For Hours

As a member of a large, varied gaming community, I’m always looking for interesting (and free) new games to play with my friends. Browser games are free, and show that a game doesn’t have to be pretty in order to be tons of fun. Here’s a list of great browser games that have kept us up until the early hours of the morning.

1. Town of Salem

salemThe latest craze is Town of Salem, a surprisingly intricate murder-mystery game. It’s not an original concept – many liken it somewhat to the Trouble in Terrorist Town mod for Garry’s Mod, but the idea has many variations. When players join a match they are randomly assigned a role as a mafia or town member, and the ‘townies’ will have to root out and lynch the mafia members before they are killed themselves. Nobody knows which role the other players are, so lying, cheating and killing are plentiful.

What makes this game unique is the large selection of roles available. The spy is a townie who can hear mafia chat and private whispers, while the framer can make anybody appear as a mafia member to investigators. There are also a variety of neutral classes, including the jester who’s aim is to convince the town to lynch him so that he can kill people from beyond the grave. Town of Salem has incredible replay value as it takes a long time to play all the roles and longer still to master them.

How will your friends respond when they find out that you were the godfather and orchestrated their demise from the shadows?

On a related note, Town of Salem’s popularity has led to a Kickstarter in order to get the game on Steam and mobile. Check it out.

2. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

QcFpDxVPretend You’re Xyzzy is a clone of the popular physical card game Cards Against Humanity. It has a very simple format in that a black card with a statement or question is presented to all players. Everybody has a random selection of white cards containing words or phrases that can be used to fill in the blanks or answer the question on the black card each turn. Players take turns being the ‘card czar’ who picks which card was best and gives them a point.

Creativity is key as the selection of question and answers allows for a huge amount of dark, depraved and ridiculous humor. The online version includes cards from the original game as well as a ton of custom cards full of pop culture, video game and anime references and internet memes. There are also the advantages of being able to play with people around the world without the hassle of managing cards and points. Perfect for those who love politically correct and offensive humor.

3. Transformice

transformiceThe never-ending quest of a mouse is, and will always be, the quest for cheese. Transformice tests just how hungry you are by throwing you into infamously difficult quickfire platforming challenges. Additionally, each level a different player is assigned as the Shaman and is given powerful abilities to help all the other mice find the cheese and return home. Each game will depend on a combination of the shaman’s skill, your own platforming prowess and everybody’s teamwork.

While each match typically has a thoughtful solution, they tend to instead play out like a pack of bulls in a china shop. Beams and bridges are knocked over as everyone charges to the finish. Jumps can be difficult as you simple can’t see your own avatar in the sea of other mice.

Transformice can only be described as a skill.

4. iSketch


Also based off of a popular board game, many Pictionary clones have popped up online and have been particularly popular on mobile devices. For some reason, though, there are barely any decent releases for PC. iSketch was launched way back in 1999 and even still runs on Shockwave, but it’s by far the best version I could find since’s closure. Let me know if you know a better one!

For those of you who live under a rock, the aim is to get other players to guess the word you’ve been given by drawing. Naturally if the word is ‘apple’ you won’t have much of a problem but having to draw ideas and concepts really puts your creativity to the test.

5. Board Game Online


Board Game Online is arguably one of the most developed multiplayer browser games. At heart it’s a simple board game – players take turns to roll a dice and move closer to the finish line – but what makes this game truly fun is the sheer amount of variety. Each turn you’re thrown into a random event, be that a ninja temple, a deadly pyramid full of traps or a bear that just wants to eat you. You’ll also accumulate weird and wonderful items that allow you to harass or outright kill the other players. It takes a few games to actually comprehend what’s going on as banana peels and grenades fly around the field. Not to mention that each time the current song ends, the next player gets to pick which song plays at the top of everyone else’s screen.