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3 Franchises That Need A Good Video Game Adaptation

Its pretty common knowledge that games don’t always translate well into films. In fact, here at Leviathyn we even do a Game Vs Film Podcast to dissect these mediocre adaptations of our favourite video games on the big screen.

In the same way, not all other media translates well into video games either, whether it be television, book or film. Whether this is due to the awkwardness of the media transitioning into something interactive, or just plain laziness by the developers, I’m sure you can name one “cash-grab” game adaptation of a blockbuster film right off the top of your head. Its because of this that I have decided to compile this list; Non-gaming franchises who need a well done game adaptation. Whether the transition to video games has never been attempted, or when done has just been plain sloppy, these are the best franchises around who are still waiting for a proper video game adaptation.

3. Adventure Time

adventure time

Oh Adventure Time, how can a show as fun as you produce video games which are, well, not fun. At all. In fact, the best video game to come out of the Adventure Time world so far has been a game based on a game created in the show (try to follow that one). Card Wars, an iOS card game ala Hearthstone is the most fun Adventure Time title to date. None of the games in which you take control of best buds Finn and Jake have been well done, which is strange considering the amount of source material the show provides. Imagine starting the game in your tree-house, and then venturing the Land of Ooo searching for treasure, quests, and damsels in distress. While spin-off’s of the source material are fun, I want a fun action based Adventure Time game, please.

2. Harry Potter

lego harry potter

Everyone say it with me now.. HARRY POTTER MMO. While the Harry Potter series has actually had a ton of games released based on the story of the boy who lived, none seem to fully capture the limitless potential that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is why many Harry Potter fans have been clamouring for a HP MMO for years now; the sprawling school seems perfect for a large scale game with all of your friends. Either way, whether its an MMO or not, I feel that Harry and his pals deserve a game that can live up to the success of the novels. The best adaptation of Harry Potter has probably been the LEGO games, which are fun but definitely not as dark as some points that the novels have taken us. Here’s to a future open world Harry Potter game where you can run around Hogwarts, drinking polyjuice potion to sneak into the opposite sex’s wash room.

1. Game Of Thrones

game of thrones

In my opinion, the number one franchise that would translate perfectly into a video game is Game of Thrones. The series of (on-going) novels has recently become a mass hit thanks to its companion television show on HBO. The world is packed full of interesting places to explore, and even more interesting characters to interact with. Imagine if you could start as a simple hedge knight, and work your way through the ranks, bringing your house to honour and glory. Or, imagine if you could take control of Ned Stark during Robert’s rebellion? The possibilities are endless, although personally I think the series would work best as an RPG.

Game of Thrones has already stepped into the video game world, however the results were less than desired. The best of these attempts is probably the self titled Game of Thrones, a roleplaying game released in 2012. The game actually did some things right, like crafting an intriguing story chock full of interesting characters. However, it was unfortunately trapped within a less than accessible package as the title was extremely clunky in movement and combat. The parts it did well though, only made me longing for more. Game of Thrones needs a proper RPG game, as the material which already exists (I think) could supplement an amazing RPG game. Hopefully Telltale’s upcoming adventure game based on Game of Thrones lives up to some of my expectations.


Obviously there are many more franchises out there that need a good video game treatment. What franchises would you most like to run around in in a video game? Let us know in the comments section below!