Square Enix Reveals Cloud Gaming Service Shinra

Cloud gaming services have become all the rage in the industry, with a new streaming service popping up every other week it seems like. Recently, Square Enix decided to jump in with their new Shinra Technologies cloud gaming company.

A clever nod to beloved RPG Final Fantasy VII (Shinra, Cloud….get it?), Shinra appears to be a service that will emulate something like PlayStation Now, which provides streaming games directly to your console or PC, much like a Netflix of gaming. Considering Square Enix’s huge backlog of games, this could make sense for someone who wants to dig into their massive catalog, and could be particularly exciting for RPG enthusiasts. Very few details were released about the serice, other than the name, so it is unclear at this point what Square Enix plans to do to separate themselves in this crowded market, but it has been announced it will be headed by former Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.

Whether this will use a subscription service, like Netflix, or a pay-per-title basis, like PlayStation Now, is unclear, but we know the service is scheduled to enter beta in Japan in early 2015, with a North American beta scheduled soon thereafter. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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