NHL 2K to be Released on Mobile Platforms

Lace up your skates and tape up your blade, 2K sports is bringing back the NHL 2K series on iOS and Android. According to the announcement made by 2K, the once loved title will be launching this fall with a $7.99 price tag. 2K promises enhanced graphics, and brand new features such as a newly designed MyCareer Mode, three-on-three mini game, and roster updates.

Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K Stated “Returning to the space four years later is a good opportunity to bring a new game to the fans, one that’s worthy of them and one that they’ll enjoy playing with a bunch of new modes. It’s a new experience from the previous NHL 2K11 game. It’s not just taking something off the shelf. It’s not in the DNA of 2K Sports to do that.” NHL 2K11 was released on iOS in 2010 and received mostly positive feedback, using specialty controls to handle complex situations that players might encounter in a sports simulation. The newest NHL 2K release will support MFi gamepads for more in-depth gameplay.

NHL 2K’s new MyCareer mode will allow players to peruse super stardom from the ground up in a season-long campaign, or players can test their puck handling skills classic exhibition mode. NHL 2K will also feature an online penalty-shot mode, in which players online can challenge each other to a shootout. When asked if the release of NHL 2K on iOS and Android might be a premonition of the NHL 2K series returning to console Snyder said “We don’t have any plans to do that in the near future”.

Source: Gamespot