New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Released

Square Enix has released new footage of its highly anticipated, and long overdue 15th main entry in the Final Fantasy series. The new trailer, which can be seen above, is the first gameplay footage shown to the public since E3 2013, almost a year and a half ago. Square Enix showed off this new trailer at the start of TGS 2014. Unlike the E3 trailer, which contained plenty of action, this one is more on the quieter side. The car ride might be one of the major modes of transportation in FF XV, much like it was in the golden era of the series; (FF VIFF IX).

Also, the footage teasingly hinted at the game containing plenty of side quests and extra content aside from the main campaign, which was something Final Fantasy XIII was criticized for lacking. Though there’s no release date or window for the game, as it has yet to be detailed, the last few seconds of the footage indicates that we’re not that far off from finally playing it. It’s only been 8 years in the making, and counting.