Chivalry Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Makes a Comeback on Consoles

Back in October, 2012 Torn Banner Studios released its arena multiplayer action game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. As of now the game is only available on PC but the developer has officially announced that thanks to a new partnership with Activision, a downloadable version for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is in the works. So far the port for the consoles seems to include most (if not all) PC features. 12 player multiplayer, 4 different classes of combatants, and a varied selection of melee and ranged weapons will be available including swords, shields, axes, javelins, and crossbows just to name a few. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was created with similar mechanics to Torn Banner’s Half-Life 2 2007 mod, Age of Chivalry.


Writer’s opinion: Chivalry: Medieval warfare is well worth Steam’s current asking price of $24.99. I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth while honing my skills with a short sword and throwing knives.

The Down Side: This game has an extremely steep learning curve. You will be mere fodder for almost every seasoned enemy player you encounter while attempting to learn the basics of combat, so be prepared (for the first few rounds anyway) to contribute very little to your team.

The Up Side: There will be many new players on the console versions, making the learning a little more manageable. When you do finally start scoring kills, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare can be an incredibly satisfying experience.

Source: Polygon