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Kickstarter Round-Up: September

It’s been a very moody and tumultuous month for videogames to say the least. The whole “GamerGate” debacle continues to rage on, Destiny (a little predictably) failed to meet the massive hype behind it and Microsoft laid down $2.5 billion to acquire Minecraft-developer Mojang. These may all be very different scenarios but they all serve to highlight the fascinating but sometimes worrying place that the industry has reached in recent years. It’s easy to get disillusioned, sometimes the best way to cope is to look ahead to the future.

And where better to look for the future of games that this months crop of Kickstarter projects.


Warlocks is a nifty looking cooperative side-scroller that, if successfully funded, will see you and three of your friends take on the role of a handful of the titular spellcasters as you fight your way through cool environments from medieval castles to 1940’s Wall Street. Gameplay-wise it looks to be a fun blend of Magicka’s chaotic spellcasting and Castle Crashers frantic sidescrolling action. Check out the pledge video below to get a glimpse of the game itself in action.

The game is currently sitting at around $6000 of its $25,000 goal with 17 or so days to go – so get pledging!

Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix Dawn is a fun and ambitious looking role playing game by one-man developer Eric Trowbridge. It boasts an intriguing low-poly visual design, a crisp interface and an ambitious spellcasting system. If that wasn’t enough, the developer cites Diablo, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger series as major inspirations – check out the pledge video for more info.



The game’s currently sitting around halfway towards its $33,000 goal with 13 days to go. You can find out more and help support the title via their Kickstarter page.

Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters is an absolutely fascinating and ambitious title being developed by Kitfox Games. Like the aforementioned Warlocks, it seeks to blend together side-scrollers, RPGs and co-op action games – however, unlike Warlocks, Moon Hunters throws the iterative mechanical frameworks often found in roguelikes and applies them to an unusual target – mythologies. Each completed run through the game will see your character memorialized in both star constellation form and as part of the settings history.

Moon Hunters is currently sitting on $122,000 with ten days to go. Check out their Kickstarter page for more info or to throw in a pledge of your own.

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