The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 19

For the first time in a long time, Blake and Chris go it alone in this week’s episode to break down all the news in the world of video games for the week. While everyone else is playing Destiny, we are…well, we’re discussing Destiny, which I realize isn’t nearly as cool now that I say it. But Chris has some positive and negative thoughts about Bungie’s new shooter, so tune in to get some early impressions of the title.  We also break down the news that it is the most successful new IP ever for a video game, eclipsing the mark that Watch_Dogs set earlier this year.

In addition to playing Minecraft, the guys also discuss the recent news that developer Mojang could be in talks to be purchased by Microsoft. What could this mean for the recently released PS4 version of the popular game? Will it help move some more consoles in Japan, where the Xbox One had a historically bad release? Probably not! But it can’t hurt, and we discuss the potential ramifications of that deal. Also on tap is the newly announced episodic structure of Resident Evil Revelations 2. This leads to a discussion on the nature of episodic content, which is of course the highlight of anybody’s day.

This week’s top 5 turned out to be a little more difficult than usual, as it turns out finding five interesting planets in the universe of video games isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. However, the guys do it for your entertainment, so check out this week’s podcast to see if you agree with their picks, or leave a comment with some of your own! It’s all here and more, on the Best Podcast on the Citadel.