Happy Anniversary Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog, Inc. is having its big 3-0 this year. Originally named Jam Software, this unlikely video game developer started in 1984 with two teenagers in California. The first games they released were relatively unknown titles; Math Jam in 1985 and Ski Crazed in 1986 for the Apple II. The developer’s first cross-platform game; Dream Zone released in 1987, and Compute! Magazine stated “It’s hard to believe that the program was written by two high school juniors.”Dream Zone

In 1989 Jam Software changed its name to Naughty Dog, Inc. and began to produce more successful games like Rings of Power on the Sega Genesis and Way of the Warrior on the 3DO. It wasn’t until 1996 that the team would strike oil with the release of Crash Bandicoot on the Sony PlayStation. To the team’s surprise, sales weren’t declining; in fact they kept gaining until Crash became the new face of the PSone. Naughty Dog produced multiple sequels and the Crash Bandicoot series ended up as some of the top selling PSone games of all time.

Since its humble beginnings, Naughty Dog has given us masterpieces such as the Jak and Daxter series, the Uncharted series, and The Last of Us. The winner of several coveted Game of the Year awards, Naughty Dog has secured its rightful place among the greatest teams in the video game industry. Happy Anniversary, Naughty Dog!