Sword Art Online II Episode 10 Review: Story Swapping

After a week of waiting to see how that cliff hanger of an ending was followed up in the next episode of Sword Art Online II, the answers have finally been revealed. Of course, Kirito saves the day once again. He takes Sinon and they escape from Death Gun so that they can have a long discussion about their pasts while they hide and wait for the scanner to update. This episode starts out action packed but then becomes mostly a plot driven, character development, conversation between Kirito and Sinon as they are hiding.

As to be expected, the fact that Death Gun’s gun is the same one that was used by the robber in Sinon’s past has had some negative effects on her. She can no longer pull the trigger of her own gun, where she could do so easily prior to her encounter with Death Gun. The duo decide it is time to make a retreat while they try to find a way to fight Death Gun fair and square. It is a good thing that Kirito knows how to use a motorcycle, because that’s the only method of quick transportation in the area aside from the mechanical horse. The horse seemed a bit out of place, but I suppose anything goes in a game like GGO.


I’m also surprised that Kirito was able to ride a motorcycle while helping Sinon pull the trigger of her sniper rifle. It doesn’t seem like something that is physically possible, yet somehow Kirito was able to do it and jump the bike without crashing at all. Even more impressive to me is the timing of Sinon’s shot. It may have missed Death Gun, but it certainly lit up a nicely timed explosion that resulted in Death Gun being mount-less. Of course, since Death Gun is the main antagonist of this story arc, I imagine that this won’t be the last time we see him.

While hiding and waiting for scheduled player scan, Kirito and Sinon have a lengthy discussion about what to do next while also talking about their pasts. This is essentially the remaining half of the episode. The dialogue is good though, so the slower pacing doesn’t take anything away from the enjoyment of the episode. It is also great for drama when Sinon freaks out at Kirito and cries up against him. She may claim that she hates him, but she sure doesn’t hesitate to rest on his lap afterward as they talk about the stuff they have been through. It would seem that I was correct when I was wondering if Sinon had figured out that Kirito was an SAO survivor. The two of them realize that they can relate to one another because of their experiences, and it seems like they also unify over their connection with Death Gun and how encountering him shook them up so much.


The real question is though, how exactly do they plan on fighting someone like Death Gun. He has a cloak that makes him invisible and his sniper rifle is silent. Not to mention the fact that he has a gun that apparently kills players when they are shot by it. His cloak also makes it so that he can’t be detected by the scan, so how exactly does one fight an opponent like that? I get that Kirito and Sinon want to stop him, but I don’t see how. Although I’m certain that Kirito and Sinon will find a way in the end, because SAO has always been that kind of story where the good guys usually win after awhile. So that said, I’m sure everything will work out in the long run.

The next episode will be called: The Meaning of Strength. My only guess is that the episode will consist of Kirito and Sinon searching for Death Gun, and then Death Gun will make an apperance. Perhaps he will kill someone or maybe he will be stopped. Then there will be scenes of either ALO or the real world in which Asuna makes contact with Kirito’s employer to inform him about the identify of Death Gun. I’ll find out next week how correct my predictions are.