Report: Microsoft In Talks To Purchase Mojang

Microsoft is in the beginning stages of purchasing Minecraft developer Mojang, according to sources.

First reported by The Wall Street Journalit looks like Mojang could be joining Microsoft’s stable of first-party developers, perhaps in an effort to catch up to Sony in that department. Reports are the deal could be for up to $2 billion, which is not surprising considering the massive success Minecraft has had on both PC and consoles, of which it has sold over 50 million copies. Minecraft pulled in over $100 million alone last year, and that could be bolstered even further this year thanks to the Xbox One and PS4 releases of the game.

That makes the timing of the deal a little strange, but you can see the allure of Microsoft. If the deal does go through, it remains to be seen whether they will pull the game from other platforms, which could be a big detriment to those who enjoy it right now on Sony systems. This could also suggest Mojang is working on a brand new title, but we have nothing to confirm that. We will update the story as more details arise.