Xbox One Launches To Historically Low Numbers In Japan

The Xbox One launched in Japan last week; nearly a year after the consoles launch in the US.

However, it seems many Japanese gamers did not think it was worth the wait, as the console launched to historically low sales figures.

The Xbox One sold 23,500 units in the week of September 4-10, which included 22,000 copies of Titanfall,14,000 copies of Kinect Sports: Rivals, and 7,000 copies of Dead Rising 3.

For comparison, the PS4 launched in Japan earlier this year and sold 300,000 units in the first two days of its release.

Microsoft has always struggled to maintain an Xbox fan base in Japan, so the sales of its newest console aren’t that surprising. Xbox One has sold 5 million units around the world so far, so the struggles in Japan shouldn’t be too much of a concern.