Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Unveiled

The next installment of Rocksteady’s highly regarded Batman: Arkham series has finally gotten the long awaited release date . During a GameStop press conference, the company announced that gamers will be able to fly through the skies of Gotham as the Caped Crusader once again. Batman: Arkham Knight will release June 2nd, 2015 with Warner Bros. Interactive also confirming the date as well.

The final installment in Rocksteady developed Arkham series was originally slated for Fall 2014 release, but immediately after this year’s E3 it was pushed back for more development time. Arkham Knight is slated only to be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC’s, making it the first entry in the series for new-gen consoles and is a follow-up to Arkham City.