Quality Assurance Episode 5: Heaven Piercing Chimney Brush

Welcome back, true believers, to Quality Assurance: the podcast that’s bad because we want it to be. We could totally be funny and interesting if we wanted. We just don’t, alright?

This week the show returns to form and its usual format. Joe must decide between the ideas presented to him by fellow QA-men Perry Ruhland, Patrick Lowe and Adam Barge. The winner, as always, gets to immortalise their own law in Quality Assurance canon.

This week, we discuss the English dub of Gurren Lagann, the merits of David Cage’s storytelling, Sonic’s personal life and for the first time ever neglect to mention the Souls series. Which I just ruined.

The images discussed in Perry’s section can be found here. And no, I’m not linking to the smut Patrick tried to distract me with. Go back to your Jennifer Lawerence pics,  you filthy animal.

Also,fair warning, we discuss Season 3 of The Legend of Korra with spoilers galore between 16:48 and 22:32. If you’d like your Korra cherry to remain un-popped, avoid this section!