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The Leftovers Renewed for Second Season

Last week we were hit with the news that HBO has ordered another season of their mysterious and surreal show, The Leftovers.

The show is based on Tom Perrotta’s 2012 novel of the same name, which follows a police captain who has to deal with the disappearance of 2% of the world’s population. He struggles to keep order in his small town called Mapleton, as cult groups and violence ensues with the world in mourning.

The series is slightly “out there” as they say, with dream sequences and cults that dress in all-white clothing and smoke all day in absolute silence. These weird goings on frustrated many at the beginning of the show’s run, leaving a lot of viewers with the feeling that The Leftovers was trying too hard, attempting to be too original, and in the end coming off as pretentious: that meant low scores of reviews on Metacritic as watchers vented their rage at the show and, even worse, low viewer ratings of just 1.8 million viewers for the series premiere on June 29th.

That premiere figure was worrying for actual fans of the show, as the other new HBO series, True Detective pulled in 2.3 million viewers on its premiere; with it going on to average 10.9 million an episode. Game of Thrones is another that is running away with the ratings as that show pulls in 13.6 million viewers a week.

The reason why many may have not bothered coming back for the second episode could be that like every pilot it will raise many questions and then answer those one by one as the season plays out. However, given that Lindelof is in charge of things (as he is famous for not tying up loose ends with his last series, Lost), many felt The Leftovers would do the same and just spout out endless questions without any explanation for any of them. So why, with these kind of issues, did HBO decide to renew The Leftovers?

Well, it again was all down to figures: The Leftovers has slowly but surely been grabbing the attention of some viewers, as the show has risen to a respectable 7.4 million watchers – probably in part thanks to a few interesting episodes which veered away from the main plot and concentrated on secondary characters, like Reverend Jamison’s episode which was an intriguingly tense installment, with him fighting for all he has left.

It gave the show something other than bizarre and creepy characters; showing us what the ‘departure’ really did to those everyday people in Mapleton. That kind of writing from show runner Damon Lindelof has won over many viewers, as The Leftover finally gets a chance to hopefully answer the questions that the first season has posed.

As I mentioned earlier though, being that it is Lindelof, don’t expect answers too quickly, even though there is an ending because of the book; even that ending may be tweaked a little, who knows.

So if you’re a fan of The Leftovers, let me know below whether you think a second season could enhance the work done on the first.