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Michael C. Hall heads to unmade Stanley Kubrick Project

Since Showtime’s hit series Dexter finished last year, the lead – Michael C. Hall – has had a host of roles offered to him, so if he was going to choose a role it was going to have to be something special. That “special” role seems to be the un-produced Stanley Kubrick drama, ‘God Fearing Man’ a script that is set to be a TV miniseries which will send Hall on a wild journey as a former Canadian Minister who goes on to become one of the master safe crackers of the twentieth century.

‘God Fearing Man’ was first put into development back in 2012 by Entertainment One, who saw the series as something that was potentially going to be a hit; however, it has taken longer than expected to get the ball rolling, but finally eOne will shop the series out to networks now.

eOne’s televisions’ execs Adam Blumberg and Michael Rosenberg will handle things from here on in, in terms of deciding who the project falls into the hands of.

Rosenberg was eager to speak out on the Kubrick series, having this to say: “Kubrick’s God Fearing Man presents a larger-than-life story with a complicated protagonist who undergoes a radical transformation. We knew we had to secure a leading man with the immense talent and charisma needed to carry the project, and we were dedicated to putting in the diligent time and effort to find the perfect fit. We cannot be more pleased to have Michael on board, who has time and again demonstrated an uncanny ability to portray captivating characters who must grapple with fundamental internal struggles.”

Stanley Kubrick on the left filming The Shining in 1980.

Michael C. Hall seems  a perfect fit for a character who takes on a radical change from a minister to an American bank robber, as his role in Dexter was similar in the sense that these are not “normal” types of people he’s portraying.

With his name firmly attached to the project, other big names may follow as it so often happens when one worldwide star signs on. Just look at this year’s Fargo as an example, where Billy Bob Thornton signed on first, then Bob Odernkirk, Colin Hanks, Martin Freeman, Oliver Platt, and Adam Goldberg all suddenly decided to jump on board. I’m sure Stanley Kubrick would be pleased with the first casting announcement, well, you never know with Kubrick.

It would have been interesting to see what Kubrick would have done with this piece, as he so often changed genre and tone for each of his films, so whoever takes up the reins of directing might want to put their own spin on things, and not try and emulate Kubrick, as that would not be the easiest thing to do.

Possibly there may be another writer hired to tweak it a little as Kubrick originally wrote this as a film, but it does have a classic Kubrick sense to the premise, as you can see where possible humour would have been incorporated, with the plot’s absurdity of a radical change from a good man to a career criminal – the same kind of humour his 1964 film Dr Strangelove had.

It’s just good to see Kubrick’s work finally coming back for one more round (or two) with the possible Shining prequel, ‘The Overlook Hotel’ (which will be penned by Glen Mazzara, Season Three of The Walking Dead show runner) also being made, even though Kubrick never wrote a script for the idea.

Let me know below what you think on this new Kubrick project and whether Michael C. Hall has the acting chops for this kind of role.

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