new 3ds

Nintendo Announces New 3DS

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct today for its Japanese fans, which announced tons of new information on the company’s upcoming games and systems.

Arguably the biggest news to come out of the direct was the new 3DS. The system will basically revamp and improve every aspect of the handheld, and will be available in standard 3DS and 3DS XL sizes.

The new 3DS system features a c-stick, an additional analogue stick on the right hand side of the system. It also has two new shoulder buttons labeled ZL and ZR, which are placed alongside the current L and R buttons. The face buttons on the system are now brightly coloured, and match the old-school style of the SNES controller.


The game-cart slot has been moved to the bottom of the system, seemingly to make room for the additional buttons on the top of the handheld. The new 3DS will now support a Micro-SD card rather than a regular SD card, and will also include a rechargeable and interchangeable battery.

The 3D capabilities of the system have also been improved, allowing for viewing of the 3D effect at more angles. The system will also have an upgraded processing unit which should make browsing the web and the eShop much quicker.

While the new 3DS seems like a standard upgrade from the exisiting model, Nintendo has actually announced that the new 3DS will have exclusive game content. The first of these titles is Xenoblade Chronicles, which is being ported to the 3DS and is taking advantage of the second analog stick and additional processing power.

The New 3DS, yes that is what they are naming it, will be available in Japan on October 11th and will retail for approximately the same price as the exisiting 3DS models. It will not be making its way overseas until sometime in 2015, but i’m sure Nintendo will have more word on NA and European launches very soon.