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Mario Kart 8 DLC Brings Link & Cat Peach this November

Link is coming to the racetrack this November. According to a leak on the Nintendo UK Online Store, Mario Kart 8 will be receiving two add-on content packs, this first of which will include the famous green-tunic hero himself, Link as a playable character. Each pack will feature three new playable characters, two news cups with four courses each and four new vehicles.

The first pack will be available in November and will include Link, Tanooki Mario & Cat Peach (from Super Mario 3D World) as playable characters. According to the website, the Blue Falcon from the F-Zero series will be available as a kart and there will racetracks based on the Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda games.

The second content pack will be available in May 2015 will feature Dry Bowser, Isabelle and a Villager from the Animal Crossing series. If both content packs are purchased, either as a bundle or separately, players will receive eight coloured Yoshis and eight coloured Shy Guys.

The rest of the tracks and karts included in the add-on content packs have been left undetailed though I imagine as we get closer November, details will begin to emerge. The current price for the add-on content packs is £7 which roughly translate into $10 US.

This news comes just before the Mercedes Benz DLC which is scheduled to be available tomorrow.

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