Rumor: Two More Characters Coming To Super Smash Bros

As the expected release of the new Super Smash Bros title draws nearer, we can expect to see more and more characters added to the already extensive roster. After a couple of recent reveals added some fan favorites, Nintendo is apparently deciding to branch out with its included fighters.

As you can see in the videos below, it looks like Bowser Jr. and Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles are making their way into the new title. Neither of thse have been officially confirmed, but if these are fakes, they are very good ones. Bowser Jr. appears in the little smiley-copter first wielded by Bowser in Super Mario World. He looks to have a nifty double-jump that gives him more air than the traditional fighter, and his copter figures to give him extra mobility.

Not much is shown from Shulk, the oft-requested hero from Xenoblade Chronicles. His fighting style could be similar to Fire Emblem star Marth, presumably with unique attacks for his sword Mondado. If he is indeed coming, he will be an excellent pick-up for the game.





Super Smash Bros is currently set for an October 3rd release date on 3DS, with the Wii U release not announced yet, although we expect to have a date soon. For our own hand-on preview of the game, click here.