5 Reasons to Get Excited for inFAMOUS: First Light

After revealing an extended teaser trailer during the Sony presentation at Gamescom this past week, inFAMOUS: First Light is preparing to carry on the latest generation pedigree of the brand. First Light takes us out of the smoky shoes of Delsin Rowe and places us in control of Neon support character Fetch. Regardless of the story decisions that players may have enacted when they first played through Second Son, this will be a Fetch free of influence from Delsin.

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner that has managed to do yourself the disservice of not partaking in inFAMOUS: Second Son by now, then shame on you. Even more so, playing the First Light DLC or reading any further into this article without having played Second Son is not a recommended course of action. Long story short, this is an obligatory spoiler warning to prevent anyone from committing a self-inflicted gamer wound.


1. An expanded range of neon powers and abilities.

A high point of Second Son came from Delsin Rowe and his ability to absorb multiple conduit powers. Judging from the direction of the press surrounding the DLC, this looks to be a one woman show dedicated to Fetch. In doing so, Second Son players must prepare themselves for only being able to wield Neon. To some, this is limiting but lest we forget that Fetch seemed far more advanced and gifted with her powers than Delsin ever did.

Delsin Rowe and his interpretation of effective Neon usage were blunt and forceful. Gameplay for Fetch featured in the First Light trailer from Gamescom revealed a subtle elegance and powerful grace. Abigail Walker is no pushover and a well-practiced Neon executioner who could still show us all a thing or two.

Delsin could shoot beams but Fetch was a certifiable sniper. Delsin could run indefinitely at endless light speed once a player managed to upgrade him that far but why not have the original queen of Neon shows us how her powers can really make a person into a Las Vegas-inspired Flash? Reportedly, an element of her design will revolve around a new interactive Dash component that will require users to navigate through neon gas clouds to maintain higher speeds.


2. A deeper exploration of the Fetch/Brent sibling relationship.

Any player who may have developed even the slightest emotional attachment to Fetch during the course of the game will remember how the true introduction of the character was a slow burn into a shadowy back story. The walls and streets of Seattle were peppered with endless Neon murals devoted to a man named Brent. It wasn’t until Delsin stumbled upon a heartfelt indoor vigil and subsequently learned a minimalist version of the Brent tragedy that we could even begin to sympathize.

Those not satisfied with the shortened cutscene edition will get to meet Brent face-to-face and travel down the dark path that turned Fetch into the damaged and vengeful girl we first met as Delsin in Second Son. For better or worse, without the intervention of her brother Brent, Abigail Walker is likely to have never turned into the Fetch we now know. Their tale of life-on-the-run, drug addiction and negligent homicide is a drama buffet just waiting to be consumed.


3. Abandoning the streets of Seattle to experience the legendary confines of Curdun Cay.

Despite being name-dropped as often as dubiously possible, the vanilla version of inFAMOUS: Second Son never fully revealed the D.U.P super facility Curdun Cay. This maximum security detention center had the ability to send chills down the spine of any conduit in the inFAMOUS universe almost exclusively through reputation. Fetch is able to take us that one full, important step forward by revealing how she managed to survive such a horrible place.

Curdun Cay will also shed more light on the atrocities committed by D.U.P. leader Augustine as she forces Fetch through simulated battle arenas in an effort to develop her into a ruthless killer. This exposes a far greater understanding of Augustine unveiling her ultimate goals, during the final Second Son boss fight, of continuing to fortify the Department of Unified Protection through a sadistic catch-and-release program for bioterrorists.


4. Presenting new weather and environmental elements to the inFAMOUS architecture.

Curdun Cay and the areas surrounding it that make up the majority of First Light show our Neon manipulator traversing a snow-capped wilderness. Far removed from the urban sprawls of locations like New Marais or Empire City, these environments are foreign territory for this Sucker Punch franchise. The developers have insisted that this snowstorm situation will play a key role unlike any other weather previously portrayed in an inFAMOUS title.

This frozen tundra escapade will harken inFAMOUS 2 players back to their altercations with the Vermaak 88 ice soldiers that patrolled the Flood Town and Gas Works districts of New Marais. In much the same ire as Cole McGrath struggled to draw electricity from barren swamplands, we can only imagine that recharge opportunities for Fetch are likely to be few and far between. In short, playing in the wake of limited resources looks to be an intriguingly welcome challenge.


5. A strong female supporting character taking the primary lead.

While other developers continue to visibly struggle with the thought of a lead female character, First Light seeks to press the issue head on at full steam. Not only is this DLC drawing focus on a support character, it’s taking the original male lead out of the equation and giving us a fresh perspective. The further down the rabbit hole players may go with Fetch, the more likely they are to understand her motives and the reason for her initial reluctance in Second Son.

Lately, the argument for more central women characters has never been stronger. The inFAMOUS recipe has always called for a feminine touch with each title carrying a fair amount of gender equality. Last Light may also seek to show us all one better by portraying a woman of power  corrupted by her position and a lonesome girl survivor she only intends to exploit for wicked gains. In one fell swoop, we will be treated to women playing the part of villain, hero and damsel in distress.

On top of all this, the addition of the battle arenas will introduce a worldwide leaderboard system. The scenarios inside the arenas are replayable and will challenge inFAMOUS alums to prove their true inner conduit. Preordering the content from GameStop or the PlayStation Network Store will also net you a D.U.P. inspired costume for Fetch to wear in the battle arenas. If you are an upstanding member of the Sony population come the break of First Light on August 26th and still haven’t managed to play it or its source material . . .

You know what you need to do.

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