WWE Supercard Data Loss: 2K’s Maintenance Deletes Progress and Purchases

Last night our most recently reviewed app, 2K’s WWE Supercard, went down for its first scheduled maintenance. This morning, players returned to find progress stemming from some unknown time last night up until the start of maintenance gone.

Players are finding any cards that they were rewards for matches and the King of the Ring tournaments gone. All card leveling progress is gone as well as any combinations. Players are even reporting cards bought with money via in-app purchases being lost.

The official 2K forum for the game and the subreddit are on fire today talking about the WWE Supercard data loss. There have been posts made about very rare cards such as the Epic-tier Stephanie McMahon card being found as a match reward and being gone this morning. One player even talked about spending $10 USD last night for card packs, getting lucky with an Epic-tier card pull, and having it all gone after maintenance.

Worse yet, the extremely long King of the Ring mode was promised to be put on hold during maintenance only to have progress lost, Energy cards lost, and position in the tournament lost.

With many threads and posts talking about the WWE Supercard data loss, 2K themselves have yet to make a statement on the issue. The only post on the official forum from a 2K employee regarding the maintenance at all is from user Jared2K, 11 hours ago:

Hey all,

As you may have already of noticed, WWE Supercard is currently undergoing maintenance. This is scheduled to conclude by 11:30PM PST, or one hour from when this post (and tweet, hello Twitter!) has gone live.

On behalf of the team I’d like to apologize for not providing a sufficient heads up across our social media channels as to when the game was being brought offline. This was a scheduled maintenance and it was not properly messaged to a wider audience. We know how many of you are, let’s say, attached to Supercard (We’re just as guilty!), and this type of disruption should be properly broadcasted. We’re putting plans in place to ensure that the next time the game is brought offline for scheduled maintenance that you’ll hear of it first.

Thanks again for helping make WWE Supercard such a hit and we hope you return to the game and get that drop you’ve always wanted.


We will update when 2K comments on the WWE Supercard data loss.

However, not all was negative with this morning’s maintenance as many cards received updated art to help polish the game’s already fantastic presentation value. While the WWE Supercard data lass this morning is certainly an issue, Leviathyn found the game to be excellent and a very rewarding experience. We’re sure 2K will do their best with cleaning up the problem and WWE Supercard will be back to stealing hours of my time.