Fez Creator Phil Fish Sells Company, Private Info Hacked

Phil Fish, creator of Fez, has “quit” gaming and put his studio up for sale after his private information, including financial records, passwords, social security info, etc. was hacked and displayed to the public.

Phil Fish endured this particular punishment due to his public defense over Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn, who endured her own massive harassment this past week. Hackers orchestrated the release of information as a “public execution of Polytron and Phil Fish.”

Fish has stated that his studio Polytron, alongside the rights to Fez, are officially up for sale and that he’ll listen to any offers. The Polyrton Twitter account has since been suspended. Fish tweeted the following before deleting his Twitter account.

“this is videogames. this is what i get. this is unacceptable. this is not okay. terrorist. never again, you hear me? never again. this is videogames. this is your audience. to every aspiring game developer out there: don’t. give up. it’s not worth it. nothing is worth this. give up on your dreams. they are actually nightmares. just don’t do it. RUN AWAY”

Twitter has organized  the #welovegamedevs hash tag as response to these recent developments.