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Chamber of Game: Shadowgate

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Zojoi
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Release Date: 8/21/2014


Shadowgate is back! The fondly remembered first person adventure game from the 80s has received a modern upgrade, thanks to the original developers and a nostalgic-fueled Kickstarter campaign.

This remake keeps the basic gameplay structure of point and click with verb usage with a much more modern UI, unique art design and full orchestral score. Entire new areas have been added and many puzzles have been redesigned. Shadowgate also features multiple difficulty levels, achievements, and several retro mode options including replacing the audio with the original classic score.

In this episode of Chamber of Game, Eric and Chris return to the titular living castle and explore all the inventive ways the game can murder you (Very early game, minimal spoilers).

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