Quality Assurance Episode 4: Perry’s Upside-Down Castle

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Quality Assurance, the show whose title is an affectation – not a guarantee. Patrick Lowe hosts and must choose between the hair-brained schemes, drunken ramblings and high-pitched whines of Adam Barge, Joe Moore and Perry Ruhland.

This week the lads go on a journey through a magical land, another journey through another (though less sexual) magical land, and discuss the logistics of running a haunted pizzeria. Will Joe’s girlfriend ever escape those animatronics? Is Adam any good at swimming? Is Patrick really in love with the Virgin Bayonetta? Just how much of a bad sportsman is Perry?

No, no, yes, and oh god very.

Fair Warning: this week’s episode contains discussion of an adult theme and childish mindset. This volatile combination isn’t really suitable for anyone, but please; if you are under 18 or are offended by offensive things, do not listen to this episode. Or at least don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, because that’s what this is.