Unanswered Questions From P.T.

As everyone around me would angrily tell you, I haven’t been able to stop gushing about P.T., the playable teaser for Silent Hills. While obviously the reveal is the biggest news here, the game itself is an incredible piece of interactive horror. It’s oppressive atmosphere and ridiculously good sound design had my hair literally on end. Believe the hype; I actually shivered a couple times from the tension this game creates. One thing is doesn’t do though, is answer a lot of questions. In a lot of ways, that makes sense. It’s not even a real game, so the various plot threads and concepts within it may never be answered, and may not even be anything more than what they appear to be, a bunch of vaguely related, but quite scary, themes of murder. I hope that isn’t the case, because there is a ton of interesting things going on here. In fact, let’s explore some.

The funny thing is that, although it has been beaten before, nobody knows exactly how the hell they did it. It’s like an urban legend at this point. Everyone knows somebody who has beat it, but I haven’t been able to yet. I’m working on it. There are a few things most people agree on: the end is connected to making the baby laugh (most likely two times). The mic probably needs to be plugged in, so you can talk to the ghost (whose named is presumed to be Lisa). If you take ten steps after the chimes, good things will happen. But I don’t want to talk about the ending, I want to talk about the journey, and all of the mysterious goings-on in the sick world of P.T. 


I'm not sure of anything at this point.

I’m not sure of anything at this point.


Like I said, if there is an underlying story to this game, it is presented obtusely at best. We know there is a string of murders going on involving families, where the man kills the wife and child. In some cases, it looks like the child may be unborn at the point of the murder. Very grisly stuff. At the point in the game where you look through the peephole, and the sounds you hear very well could be interpreted as a man literally ripping a human apart. However, there is also a baby crying at certain points, as well as what appears to be a fetus in the sink.


Shown...what appears to be a fetus.

Shown…what appears to be a fetus.

And let’s not forget the fridge tied to the ceiling, with what can only be a screaming child stuffed inside.


Also, we're pretty sure whoever tied him in there was a boy scout. Those knots are divine.

Also, we’re pretty sure whoever tied him in there was a boy scout. Those knots are divine.

And although it does look like you start the game in a garage-type room, no, there is no water hose in there, nor is there anything on the ceiling that suggests your character hung himself. And there is the fact that what is shown of Norman Reedus has him sporting a black jacket over a grey hoodie, an ensemble that should appear familiar to players of the game.



This strongly suggest to me that you are playing as Reedus’s character throughout the demo, and is definitely not the guy in the picture below. Two things to note about these pictures: the mysteriously appearing thumbs-up sign, and the addition of the phrase Gouge It Out! with an X close by. I thought that was a brilliant little piece of tutorial that most people didn’t even realize. It’s the only thing in the game you have to press X on. See the differences?






That tells me that he is involved in something sinister. I believe that is the guy that murdered Lisa, and Reedus is investigating. However, that brings up the question of how did he get there, and how long has he been there? If the writings on the wall are to be believed, I’m guessing he has made quite a large number of “loops” through that hallway. If you have searched the room you start in (and can only be accessed by restarting or dying), you’ll see these scratched on all four walls.


That, or he played a LOT of tic-tac-toe.

That, or he played a LOT of tic-tac-toe.


Speaking of the room you start off in, what is going on with that bag on the table. It may speak in a pleasing and seductive baritone, but you are not winning me over pal. Although they speak with vastly different inflections, he sounds like the guy from the radio to me.  When he narrates what’s going on after the peephole segment, I got the sense that all three voices are actually the same. I don’t know.


He's a helpful bag, at least.

He’s a helpful bag, at least.


There are also a number of other mysteries. What is up with the number that gets repeated throughout: 204863? What is the significance of that? I’m hoping that sequence unlocks something in Silent Hills. How cool would that be? It makes me kind of sad we may never get definitive answers on what happened in this messed-up house, but who knows, maybe this will be included some way in Silent Hills. Or perhaps the answers are here, we just haven’t found them yet. One Easter egg I don’t think anyone noticed is the nudity though? Did you catch that?


I mean...c'mon.

I mean…c’mon.

Do you have any theories about what’s going on? I’d love to hear them, so sound off in the comment section!