Why WiLD Has Me So Excited

Just a few hours ago, I was sold on the PS4. It wasn’t because of streaming, or because of getting to play Far Cry 4 without owning the game. No, it was because of one title announced by Michel Ancel. Name sound familiar? It should. Michel is the mastermind behind Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, some of Ubisoft’s greatest titles. Earlier this year, Ancel went on to form Wild Sheep studios, and they revealed their first game at the tail-end of the conference: WiLD.

WiLD appears to be an open world survival game, but not just the dime a dozen Minecraft knockoffs we have today. From the two minutes of footage we saw, Michel proved that the WiLD may be one of the more creative games to be announced in recent memory. WiLD drops players into a high fantasy world filled with more unique ideas than just orcs and dragons.



In the trailer, I witnessed some cooler fantasy beasts such as Mudmen, Lyncanthropes, and Forest Spirits. Little was shown of the combat, but from what I saw, it seems to be a lot like your standard 3rd person fare. The three heroes shown were a man with a bow, a woman with a spear, and a skeleton wearing a grass skirt. On top of all of that, the developers have even stated you can play as any beast in the game!

However, all of that is just small potatoes compared to why I’m excited. I’m excited because WiLD has a world to explore, and it looks like one worth exploring. The landscape is littered with statues and tablets, mighty trees contain spirits of the forest, and a fifty-foot tall skeleton king sits in his throne underwater. I want to learn about this world and all the lore behind it. Why is there a skeleton king in the sea? What’s up with the tree lady? I’ll just have to wait to find out.

See, good exploration in games seems to get rarer and rarer every day. Games are either too linear to have an open world, or the open world is completely barren (Looking at you, Red Dead Redemption). This game is a rare example of one filled with unique and diverse landmarks as well as graphics pretty enough to keep the exploration engrossing.

So Sony’s done it. They win. This is one game I actually want to own for a PS4. While we have no release date at the time, we have conformation that it’s exclusive to Sony’s console. Until I can get my chance to swim around that skeleton and hunt boars in the snow, I’ll just have to rewatch the trailer again.