Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Making New Silent Hill

While this seems almost too good to be true, it appears that a new Silent Hill is in the works, and it is being developed by Hideo Kojima and horror mastermind Guillermo Del Toro. The title appears to be called Silent Hills, and one of the characters has been revealed, and he’s a big one. Norman Reedus, best known for his portryal of Daryl Dixon in the popular TV show The Walking Dead, is shown briefly in the teaser. The teaser was released in the most awesome way possible by the way, as part of a free game released yesterday on PSN, P.T. If that title is any indication of what we could be getting, it looks like the horror will be in large quantities. I played a bit of P.T. last night, and it is one of the creepiest and downright scariest games I’ve ever played. It was also quite confusing and enigmatic, which, while could be a turn-off for some, but I thought it set the mood perfectly, and has lead to some of the best internet discussions in recent memory. Details are scarce on the new project, but suffice to say it has generated an extreme level of excitement. If you haven’t downloaded P.T. yet, I highly recommend you do so (it is free after all), as much for the game itself as for the reveal at the end.

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